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NVME Hat for Raspberry Pi 5 supports up to 2280 size SSD

NVME Hat for Raspberry Pi 5 supports up to 2280 size SSD

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Product Description:

Introducing the NVMe SSD HAT for Raspberry Pi 5 – the ultimate storage solution engineered to elevate your Raspberry Pi experience. Designed with versatility and convenience, our SSD HAT seamlessly integrates with the official Raspberry Pi enclosure, while accommodating the use of the official active cooling solution, even when combined with the official enclosure.


  1. Versatile Compatibility: Our SSD HAT is installable on top of the official Raspberry Pi enclosure and is also compatible with the official active cooling solution, ensuring optimal performance even when used together with the official enclosure.

  2. Flexible SSD Support: Supporting SSD sizes ranging from 2230 to 2280, our HAT offers versatility to meet your storage requirements, no matter the capacity or form factor.

  3. High-Quality FPC Ribbon Cables: The FPC ribbon cables connected to the Raspberry Pi 5 adhere to official design standards, ensuring a 90-ohm impedance requirement for operation at PCIe Gen3 speeds. The cables feature a relative-side-contact design, reducing the risk of short circuits and safeguarding your Raspberry Pi 5 and accessory boards.

  4. Convenient SSD Replacement: Swap SSDs effortlessly without the need to remove the HAT, even when transitioning between SSDs of different lengths. Our design prioritizes convenience and ease of use, allowing you to adapt your storage setup with minimal hassle.

  5. Robust Power Supply: Meeting NVMe's 3A power requirements, our SSD HAT provides reliable power delivery for consistent performance, ensuring your Raspberry Pi 5 system operates smoothly and efficiently under heavy workloads.

What's includes:

  • NVMe Base PCB with M.2 Slot (M-Key)
  • Flat Flex Cable for PCIe connection
  • M2 standoff screw nut and M2 screw for SSD mounting
  • M1.6 screw for 2280 size SSD mounting
  • 4x 22mm M2.5 standoffs
  • 8x 8mm M2.5 screws
  • 4x M2.5 standoff screw nuts

Note: SSDs, official cases, and Active cooler shown in the photos are not included.

Upgrade your Raspberry Pi 5 setup with our NVMe SSD HAT – the perfect blend of compatibility, performance, and convenience.

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