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I'm DENG DAZHONG, also known as Vileer. I come from Guangzhou, China, and have spent a decade working as a software engineer at Tencent. Additionally, I dabble in hardware development as a hobby. Last year, I made a significant decision to leave my job at Tencent and embark on a new journey.

My decision was sparked by a serendipitous encounter in November 2023 at the Shenzhen MakerFaire. There, I showcased my product, Pi-Cast KVM, and invited Eben, the CEO of Raspberry Pi, to visit my booth. He praised my product highly. The next evening, a Raspberry Pi distributor I met at the event informed me that Eben had mentioned my project and me at the distributor meetup, encouraging distributors to support local startups as much as possible. This experience made me feel the inclusivity and openness of the Raspberry Pi ecosystem, ultimately leading me to join it.

Me and Eben Upton at the Shenzhen Maker Faire!

My team and I are now dedicated to developing Raspberry Pi ecosystem products and bringing them to users worldwide. Our online store is part of our efforts to achieve this goal, and we aim to provide you with high-quality, innovative products that showcase the charm of the Raspberry Pi ecosystem.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to exploring the limitless possibilities of the Raspberry Pi world with you!


Vileer and the rest of the team

Projects we have worked on

Pi-Cast KVM

Pi-Cast KVM is a hardware based on the PiKVM system that allows you to easily carry it out and use your computer/laptop/mobile phone/tablet to control any device that supports HDMI output and keyboard and mouse input, such as headless servers, SBCs, etc.

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Lime AC Case

Lime AC (Active Cooling) Cases are designed for LimeSDR users who want to better manage heat generated by their devices. The cases also make LimeSDRs more portable - protecting the PCB from damage - while they provide RF shielding for enhanced performance.

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