CNC Enclosure For Raspberry Pi 5 With Hat Support

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Unlock the full potential of your Raspberry Pi 5 with our state-of-the-art CNC Enclosure, designed to deliver exceptional performance while ensuring the utmost protection. This enclosure is not just a case; it's an upgrade to your Raspberry Pi experience.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Thermal Management:

    • Direct Chip Contact: Our CNC enclosure sets a new standard in cooling efficiency. The major chips of your Raspberry Pi 5 make direct contact with the casing, thanks to the application of high-grade thermal paste. This innovation surpasses the traditional use of thermal pads, ensuring superior heat conduction and dissipation.
    • PWM-Controlled Fan: Stay cool under pressure. The enclosure includes a smart PWM-controlled fan, adept at whisking away heat. This active cooling system adjusts its speed based on the temperature, keeping your Raspberry Pi 5 operating at optimal conditions.
  2. Expansion-Friendly Design:

    • Space for HATs: Our enclosure is designed with innovation in mind. It features ample space on top to accommodate various HATs, ensuring compatibility and versatility. The showcased NVMe HAT fits perfectly within the enclosure. Furthermore, any HAT that adheres to the "HAT+" specifications and has a height within 6mm (measured from the PCB bottom) will seamlessly integrate with this case.
  3. Precision-Cut Wi-Fi Antenna Access:

    • Uninterrupted Connectivity: We understand the importance of staying connected. That's why our enclosure features a meticulously designed cutout for the Wi-Fi antenna on the bottom cover. This ensures your wireless connections remain strong and uninterrupted, allowing for seamless data transmission and online activities.

Elevate your Raspberry Pi 5 experience with our CNC Enclosure - where design meets performance.